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Achieve Higher Rankings, Drive Organic Reviews To Your Listing & Boost Your Organic Sales!

When launching a product on Amazon you typically ask yourself:
How do I improve rankings and How do I get reviews? 
Our team of expert will help you develop a unique and high valuable product together with a launch strategy that will not only give your customers what they are looking for but ensure that your products get high visibility on Amazon and other search engines! 
Getting reviews with a 6 Star Product will be a walk in the park!

So how do I rank #1 on Amazon?

Achieving high rankings on Amazon can be hard if you don't know what you are doing!

You might have a perfect product, beautiful packaging and a great listing but if no one can find it, your hard work is gone to waste 🙁 

At Convomat, we can help you rank your product on Amazon with a perfect listing optimization while focusing on the right money keywords.
We have the expertise that your product launch requires to be successful!


How does the Amazon Search Algorithm work?

Ah, I'm glad you are reading this point as, in my opinion, you cannot be an excellent Amazon Seller if you don't know this important detail!

In simple words, just like Google, Amazon is a search engine optimized to deliver the best results to its users. However, unlike Google’s search engine which is optimized to rank results based on metrics such as relevancy, time spent on site, popularity of the domain on the web, etc. Amazon’s search engine takes into account the number of sales that each product gets. 
In the Amazon Sellers world, this metric is known as Sales Velocity.


This means that in order to rank high on Amazon you MUST show to the search engine algorithm that you product is not only relevant for a given keywords but it also gets sales once it ranks high for it.

Amazon A9 Algorithm Ranking
How to get reviews on Amazon?

How do I get reviews on Amazon?

Getting more reviews on Amazon is one of the hardest tasks of this business.

We have spent years learning what works and what doesn’t and, ultimately, it comes down to keeping your customers satisfied with their purchase while asking them to support your business by leaving a review for the product that their purchased. All this WITHOUT violating Amazon’s ToS

How Can Convomat Help Me Succeed on Amazon?

Convomat makes this process a walk in a park, literally! 
When you work with Convomat, you will not only have access to a team of Amazon experts but you will also learn how to execute future product launches WITHOUT having any technical expertise. 

Get in touch with us TODAY, we look forward to working with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. With Convomat you will learn innovative ways to ask for feedback or reviews without violating Amazon ToS.

Yes it is. With Convomat you can connect your storefronts in North America, Europe or Asia.

It depends. We strongly encourage you to build your own traffic campaigns so you know who your buyers are and you can build your own list which will help you reduce your cost of acquisition for future campaigns.

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